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Get a Hot Dog in White Plains for National Hot Dog Day

We’re living in an era of many strange things, but one of the strangest to overtake our culture the past few years is our craze with having a national holiday for everything. While some might be out there, the end of July happens to have one that is dear to many Americans’ hearts already – and probably something you’ve already “celebrated” this summer. Get ready folks, because July 22nd is National Hot Dog Day! If you’re looking to indulge in this summer staple, here are the best places near your Mariner apartment to get a dog.

The Dog Den – A two minute walk down Main Street from 15 Bank, the former White Plains Bus Depot behind the Metro North station is home to a hot dog experience like no other in Westchester. The Dog Den has 50-plus hot dog menu items, all works of art. All of their dogs are Sabrett (all-beef and in a natural casing) and they come on delicious Martin’s Potato rolls. Their toppings include all you favorites, plus dozens of other items you won’t find at a NYC hot dog cart – some are even wrapped in bacon!

Walter’s Hot Dogs – This is Westchester’s most famous hot dog, and while it might have started in Mamaroneck, there’s an even closer location to 15 Bank right on Mamaroneck Ave! Walter’s Hot Dogs has been the Westchester’s go-to hot dog shop since opening in 1919. It serves split-down-the-middle hot dogs made of a signature blend of beef, pork, and veal, grilled in a secret sauce and served on a toasted bun. Walter’s house-made mustard – a blend of choice mustard seeds, relish, and spices – is what makes this dog so unique to Walter’s. It has such a fan following, you can even buy a jar of your own or a full take-home kit for your 15 Bank apartment.

The Dog Den

1 Main St, White Plains

Walter’s Hot Dogs

186 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains